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It is our desire at New Life Missionary Church to minister to the needs of our congregation and our community.  While we are not perfect at either, we strive to live out the command that Jesus gave us in Matthew 28:19-20  "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age."

Each of our ministries are meant to live the love of Christ through worship, discipleship, fellowship and outreach.

God is continually calling us to something more.  Relationship with Him is more than checking off our Sunday attendance. Is He calling you to something more?  We challenge you to be a part of something more!

Kid's Ministry
Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry at NLMC is directed by Pastor Aaron and consists of various meetings trough out the week.

Youth Sunday School is currently focused on navigating and studying through different books of the Bible.

Thursday night youth gatherings are a mix of food, fellowship and various discipleship studies.  We cover the topics introduced to teens on daily basis and seek the truth of scripture to help navigate daily life.


Small group discipleship is also a focus from season to season as students are encouraged to additional steps of faith.  

Men's Ministry

Men currently meet once a week at Zef's resturant for breakfast and Bible study. We start at 8:30 am and all men are welcome.

Our goal is to not only the study of scripture but accountability, fellowship, encouragement and prayer.

We have found that these mornings to be encouraging and challenging from time to time.  Sharing weekly what God is doing in our lives and through the truth of scripture has bolstered our faith and develops a brotherly bond  that Christ has always intended for His church.

We are currently studying through the book of Daniel.

Small Group Studies

Small groups are forming now to begin a study using Francis Chan's book "Until Unity".

In this study, Francis Chan will challenge us to see what keeps us from being unified as Christians across denominations and cultural differences—and why it needs to change.

Please contact the church office at 989-686-5777 if you are interested in joining the study.


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Prayer Teams

Prayer is of the utmost importance within the church body.   We long to bring conversation with God back to the forefront.   Come and join us for corporate prayer on Sunday evenings at 5 pm.  

Service Groups

There different opportunities to serve through New Life Missionary Church and we always looking for new ways to serve our community.  

Salvation Army, Bangor Central School events, community picnics, community fall fest and other individual projects for those in need.  

The opportunity to serve is not limited by age, physical abilities or finances.  While you may not be able to lift heavy objects you could be praying, connecting or teaching. 

God has gifted us all with different strengths and abilities. That is His church.  Hands, feet, eyes and ears all playing a part to function as one body.  He planned it that way.  Let us serve together.

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